We believe in a loving and gracious God.


Unlike the gods we fashion for ourselves with our hands or our imaginations, the one true God has revealed His nature and His purposes through the words of Scripture. There we discover that He is one God but three persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


God’s gracious nature is seen in His beautiful creation. Unfortunately, one need not look very far before concluding that something has gone horribly wrong. We believe that mankind’s rebellion against its Creator – sin – has left creation separated and at odds with its Creator. We see it everywhere we look.


But God’s gracious nature is seen in what He did about the problem: He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, into the flesh to redeem the world through His suffering and dying on the cross. His death conquered death, and His resurrection is our assurance that the restoration of all things has already begun. We believe that He will return to finish the job.


While we wait, we are given the Holy Spirit to create and sustain faith in His promises, and to grant us the power to live as the new people in Christ that we are. This new life is (usually) first given us in Baptism, and it is strengthened along the way through a simple but very special meal we call Holy Communion.  


Our worship at Immanuel is centered in this meal, through which Jesus is truly present with us. Each and every week we believe heaven touches earth right here in Olivette! Our mission as a congregation is to get that word out! We do that as it is proclaimed, sung and taught in this place, and through our various ministries to the community and world around us. Ours is a family marked by the joy of Christ, and we invite you to share in that joy and purpose!