Large Group Bible Study-Various Topics/Biblical Books studied

Various Leaders

Location:  School Gymnasium

Class meets on Sunday mornings at 9:30 in the School Gym. Perfect for anyone who wants to dig in to God’s Word!


Women's Bible Study..."Law and Gospel"

Mrs. Heather Salemink

Location: Fellowship Hall

A study based on Dr. C.F.W. Walther's work, "The Proper Distinction Between Law and Gospel"

Senior Youth

Location: Youth Room (Located on the end of fellowship hall))

Come and find a spot on the couch as together youth and adult leaders dig into the Scriptures, to be challenged weekly to grow in faith, knowledge and their spiritual walk with their Lord.


English As A Second Language

Various Leaders

Location: Various Rooms in the East Building

A course for the Chinese community of our area, with the goals of teaching the basics of the English language and aiding integration into the Immanuel family.


Christian Spirituality (in Mandarin Chinese)

Pastor Shaw

Location: East Building Office

A variety of topics (stewardship, understanding God’s will, Christian vocation) designed to strengthen the faith..




Young Adult Bible Study -- 7:30 pm

Location: School Library

A fun, young group that enjoys spending time in God's Word. The definition of young is open to interpretation; topics and studies vary.



Immanuel Women's Bible Study – 9:30 a.m.**

Location: Church Parlor

All are welcome to join us as we engage in an in-depth study of a book of the Bible or a special topic using the Lifelight Bible Study Program.  Each week we prepare for a discussion based on our study in order to gain a deeper understanding of God's message to us.  The Lifelight Bible Study Program offers studies of books of the Bible and special topics such as Bible Feasts, Miracles, and Prophecy.

For April - June, we will be learning about God's message to us through the prophet Isaiah.

For more information, contact Barbara Kiehl ( or 314-434-8930)

Adult Bible Study – 11:00 a.m. **

Pastor Rory Karg

Location: Church Parlor

2017-2018: The Book of Hebrews. Come and join our weekly discussion as we delve into a letter of encouragement not to abandon the faith; but to hold fast the hope that is ours in Jesus, our great high priest.



Men's Group – 6:30 a.m. ** 

Location: Church Parlor

The coffee is hot and the discussion is lively. Pastor Bill Schmidt, recently retired, is our leader. Topics and studies vary.



Chinese Bible Study Group

Location: East Building Room 3

This fellowship is all about gathering, reading, sharing, praying, singing, caring and reaching out to the Chinese community!

There are also special classes that are offered. These are publicized in the Anchor and the Sunday bulletin. The organizations of Immanuel have topics and special speakers as part of their regular monthly meetings.


**Class breaks for the summer.