Sometimes Giving is about More Than Money

Would you consider donating a kidney?

It may seem something almost too big to ask but unless a need is shared we cannot know the need or even have the opportunity to respond with prayer or help in providing for the need. Xian Xie (Mike) a fellow brother in Christ from Light of Christ has shared his need in the letter below. Thank you for taking the time to read; please keep him in your prayers and if  you are aware of someone who might help, please share this with them. 

 In Christ, Pastor Karg

My name is Xian Xie ("SHE-an SHE-eh") . I came to Springfield, MO as a student in the 1990's. I met Pastor Shiuming at the school library. We had a nice talk and later he invited me to go to his church for a visit. I visited his church and it was the first time I learned about Jesus and Christianity. I did not have any belief at that time. Since then I went to church often and received Jesus’ words little by little which opened my mind and heart to Christianity and Jesus that enriched my spiritual life. I started to accept Christianity and Jesus, in 1994, I was baptized by Pastor Lau. 

After I graduated, I found a job and moved to St. Louis. When I moved here, I visited several Chinese churches in St. Louis to see which one I liked until one day I was surprised to see Pastor Lau at Light of Christ church. Since then I followed him and became a member of Light of Christ church.

I lost my kidney function in 2013 and now I go to dialysis 3 times a week and depend on a machine to do the work that my kidneys can no longer do. One dialysis session takes 4 hours. Altogether that's 12 hours a week every week, and I am exhausted after each session.

I need a kidney transplant that can make me return to a healthier and normal life. But to make things worse, my doctor told me that in addition to the kidney failure, the antibody level in my blood is very high, which makes it even harder to find a kidney that matches me. The best and perhaps the only option for me to get kidney transplant is to find a living donor, according to my doctor. Otherwise, I will most likely to live with kidney failure for the rest of  my life.

The average wait time for a kidney transplant while on the deceased donor waiting list is 3-10 years. I have been waiting for almost six years, and in my situation, because of my high antibody level, as my doctor told me, unless there are nice people who can donate a kidney to me, my chance to get a kidney transplant equals to none. If it is not such case, I may just wait until it is my turn, and would not ask for help. Living kidney donation is the only option to help me get off the waiting list and live a healthier life. What most people don’t know is that a healthy person only needs one kidney to live a normal and healthy life! That’s why I am writing to all of you.

I would appreciate it very much if you would consider donating your kidney and/or sharing my story to get the word out for me! That would mean so much! Thank you all from my heart for your kindness and time. 

I have struggled with myself on if I should write this letter for long time. As you can see from my name, I am a Chinese American. I was worried that people might see me at a different angle even though I am an American. But now I realize that with so many loving people around, it is wrong of me to assume I will be judged by my ethnicity.

To those of you reading this, my biggest hope is that you will see me as a person seeking desperately for a lifesaving help and please keep me in your prayers.

My phone # 314-584-9125

E-mail address:

Thank you.


Xian Xie