At a time of grieving and loss, a gathering around a table with food can be a healing kind of thing. Having been fed with food for the soul at the funeral service, it is good to receive sustenance and food for the body. After such a life-changing experience such a the death of a loved one, sometimes a return to the ordinary things of life – dishing up food on a plate, slicing a piece of dessert, stirring a little cream into a cup of coffee – can be a good thing. Laughter and life, memories and making of plans for the morrow: these all remind us that life goes on; that there is hope and healing in the promises of God and the support we pledge to one another.


The Luncheon Committee provides the setting and the meal after a funeral that enables those who are grieving to take a first step toward tomorrow. We pray they will also be assured that they do not grieve alone. If you would like to assist when the need arises, please call Velma Rohan at 314-872-8594.