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The Junior High Ministry at Immanuel is synonymous with its Confirmation Instruction. That is, nearly all junior high students in grades 6, 7 and 8 are also involved with the Confirmation program, which includes Sunday instruction, participation in a small group for fellowship and service, and monthly activities scheduled for all of the students together. The goals of our Confirmation Instruction, as presented in our Parent Handbook, as follows:

  • to nurture and strengthen the faith of the student, leading toward public confession before the congregation (Rite of Confirmation);
  • to assist the student in the integration of faith and life, that is, to challenge the student to life choices that are consistent with who they are in Jesus  Christ,  and to "fan the flames" of joy-filled responses of stewardship and witnessing;
  • to better integrate our young adults into the life of the congregation; to help them to understand the meaning and purpose of community, leading to greater participation in Senior High Ministry; and
  • to better integrate the day school students with the non-day school students,fostering friendship and meaningful relationships.

Strategies that we use to achieve these goals include worship; Sunday instruction (9:30 – 10:15 a.m.); parental involvement; small groups, each with an adult mentor; large group activities;, and a one-week camp experience each June.