The Lutheran Liturgy as a Family Album

“Liturgy” We teach our confirmands at Immanuel that our worship liturgy is a set of ordered texts in which we encounter the risen Christ. Often times it may seem the liturgy just washes over us like waves on a seashore as we struggle to understand the what and why of particular words and phrases at a given time in worship. Immanuel Lutheran Church was pleased to welcome Missionary David Bush, as he led us in a look at our beautiful Christian legacy of liturgy; likening the liturgy to a beloved family photo album.


The Lutheran Liturgy: The Family Album was presented in Immanuel’s sanctuary; below you will find the presentation in four parts. (Due to file size, some of the beginnings of each part may repeat the ending of the previous part, but be patient, all has been recorded.) We are thankful that Missionary Bush and his wife Barbara were able to join us for the weekend(September 24-26) as they will soon be leaving to serve as missionaries in deaf ministry at Macau. 



Listen to the Presentation Here: