School Gym Transformation Project

Second only to our Church Sanctuary; our School Gym is vital to our ministry and to our community.
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Gym Transformation 

Earlier this year the voters of Immanuel approved an extensive renovation of the gymnasium to take place this summer. Over the course of any given week the gym hosts more fellowship activities than any location at Immanuel. From Bible study and sausage dinners to daily school lunch and sporting events the gym plays an important role in our ministry.


The project will include removal of the existing gym floor, a new floor being poured, replacement of the lunchroom tables, fresh paint, new LED lights, new bleacher seat tops, a new scoreboard, new volleyball poles and protective pads for the end walls. 


The project began this past week and is expected to be completed before school resumes in August. There are multiple funding components to this project. The Day School has just completed a matching program against a $5,000 donation made by a school family. There is a congregation family that has come forward with a matching gift of up to $10,000. This gift will be matched for every dollar raised. We will be using the Green Envelopes this summer (June, July and August) to reach that $10,000 goal. We have already received $4,000 in gifts from Immanuel and Light of Christ members towards this goal.  Please prayerfully consider giving via the green envelops to help this gift be fully realized.