Surely an important part of any Christian community is the outreach to the surrounding neighborhoods and the welcome we provide our guests. If this is a gift or an interest of yours, here are just a few of the ways in which you may wish to participate!


 Local Outreach Team

There are a number of ways such outreach can be carried out. One way includes moving out into the community through mailings, street evangelism, a presence in the city parks or civic events, etc. Another option includes creating events on site to which the community can be invited. At Immanuel, we have gathered a few folks who have a desire for reaching out with the message of Jesus Christ, and who coordinate opportunities to engage the mission field beyond our walls through a mixture of events both on site and off site.


Welcome Committee

People who serve on the Welcome Committee work to ensure that our visitors are warmly welcomed. First time visitors receive a gift bag that includes an Immanuel Tote Bag and a folder filled with information and news about the church and school.


Friendship Visits

The day after a first-time visit to Immanuel we make a visit to the home. During this visit, we welcome them to Immanuel bringing them information about the activities at Immanuel, answering any questions and inviting them to return to worship and Bible studies.