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Date Text Title   Preacher

4/19/2020     John 20:19-31       Fear and Crazy Things          Vicar Justin Cullen
4/12/2020    Matthew 28:1-10    Resurrection Hope in a Pandemic         Rev. Rory Karg
4/10/2020    John 19:17-30         Abandoned at the Cross   Rev. Michael Salemink
4/9/2020    John 13:1-17; 31-35    Giving and Serving in Love             Rev. Rory Karg
4/5/2020        John 12:12-19     The King Comes   Vicar Justin Cullen
4/1/2020            Mark 15:1-20           Eyes on Jesus: Worldly Eyes       Vicar Justin Cullen
3/29/2020    Psalm 130       Pulled from the Depths; Raised to Salvation       Rev. Rory Karg
3/25/2020    Mark 14:1. 53-65     Eyes on Jesus: Murderous Eyes          Vicar Justin Cullen
3/21/2020    John 9:1ff      Who Sinned that this has Happened?  Vicar Justin Cullen
3/15/2020    John 4:5-26      Jesus Values _______.           Rev. Dr. Stuart Brassie
3/11/2020    Mark 14:32-42      Eyes on Jesus:Sleepy Eyes   Seminarian Brady Retzlaff
3/8/2020            John 3:16     Good News of What?   Rev. Rory Karg
3/4/2020            Mark 14:10ff     Eyes on Jesus:Betraying Eyes   Seminarian Andy Wrasman
3/1/2020        Matthew 4:1-11     Jesus: Tempted by the devil for You    Vicar Justin Cullen
2/26/2020    Mark 14:1-9              Ash Wednesday:Misjudging Eyes    Vicar Justin Cullen
2/23/2020    Matthew 17:1-9      Jesus is God    Rev. Rory Karg
2/16/2020    Matthew 5:21-37      Jesus is the End of the Story      Vicar Justin Cullen
2/9/2020    Matthew 5:13-20      You are Salt and Light            Vicar Justin Cullen
2/2/2020            Luke 2:30      Seeing Your Salvation     Rev. Rory Karg
1/26/2020    Matthew 4:12-25      Whose Are You?             Rev. Dr. Stuart Brassie
1/19/2020    John 1:29-42a      The Lamb Takes Away Sin     Vicar Justin Cullen
1/12/2020        Matthew 3:13-17      I Am Baptized     Rev. Dave Oddi
1/5/2020          Isaiah 60:1-6      Take the Light with You         Rev. Rory Karg
12/31/2019     Luke 2:21      Jesus! His Name Says It All.     Vicar Justin Cullen
12/29/2020    Galatians 4:1-7         Adopted As God's Children      Vicar Justin Cullen
12/25/2019         Isaiah 52:7-10       Baring His Holy Arm      Rev. Rory Karg
12/22/2019     Matthew 1:18-25      Ordinarily, Virgins Don't Conceive      Vicar Justin Cullen
12/15/2019     Matthew 11:2-15       Advent Expectations       Rev. Rory Karg
12/8/2019         Matthew 3:1-12         The Coming One is Coming               Rev. Dr. Stuart Brassie
12/1/2019     Matthew 21:1-11       With Him in Paradise       Vicar Justin Cullen
11/28/2019     Luke 17:11-19       Thanksgiving-One in Ten                       Rev. Rory Karg
11/24/2019        Luke 23:27-43       Jesus, Remember Me       Vicar Justin Cullen
11/17/2019      Luke 21:5-28            When These Things Begin        Pastor Rory Karg
11/10/2019        2 Thess. 2:16-17       Encouraged and Strengthened        Rev. Orval Mueller 
11/3/2019          1 John 3:1-3        Childish, Children of God? (All Saints)    Pastor Rory Karg
10/27/2019        John 8:31-36 Free Indeed (Reformation Day)              Vicar Justin Cullen
10/20/2019        2 Timothy 3:14-15 Continue in... Pastor Rory Karg    
10/19/2019        Luke 2:41-51 Living a Focused Life in Jesus Pastor Edmund Lim
10/13/2019        Mission Fest People Moving & God's Assimilation Rev. Tim Beckendorf
10/6/2019          Luke 17;1-10 Stumbling Points to Faith Vicar Justin Cullen     
9/29/2019   Revelation 12:7-12 Contempt in the Heavenly Court Pastor Rory Karg
9/22/2019             1 Timothy 2:1-15 A Sinner's Letter to Timothy Rev. Dr. Stuart Brassie
9/15/2019          Luke 15:1-10 A Gospel Apology? Vicar Justin Cullen
9/8/2019       Luke 14:25-35 Discipleship Has a Cost Pastor Rory Karg
9/1/2019            Luke 14:1-14         God's Rest Day         Rev. Dr. Stuart Brassie
8/25/2019       Luke 13:22-30 The Narrow Door Wide Open Pastor Rory Karg

August 18, 2019
Luke 12:49-53
Jeremiah 23:16-29
"This, is the Gospel of the Lord?"
Nicene Creed follows message
Vicar Justin Cullen
August 11, 2019
Luke 12:22-34
Don't Worry, Just Believe
Rev. Dr. Stu Brassie
August 4, 2019
Luke 12:15-16
Life is More Than...
Nicene Creed follows sermon
Rev. Rory Karg
July 21, 2019
Luke 10:38-42
Jesus is the Best Portion
Seminarian Andrew Wrasman
July 14, 2019
Luke 10:25-28
God Pursuing Us
Rev. Dr. Stuart Brassie

July 7, 2019
Isaiah 66:12-13
Rev. Rory Karg
June 30, 2019
Galatians 5:1, 13-25
Are You Safe...?
Seminarian Andy Wrasman
June 23, 2019
Luke 8:26-39
Naked in Our Sin; Fully Clothed in Jesus
Te Deum Hymn follows Message
Rev. Rory Karg
June 16, 2019
Trinity Sunday
John 8:48-59
A Question of God
Rev. Dr. Stuart Brassie

June 9, 2019
175th Anniversary Worship
Immanuel-God With Us!
Rev. Dr. Matthew Harrison, President LC-MS
June 2, 2019
John 17:20-26
Jesus' Prayer for You
Rev. Rory Karg
May 26, 2019
Acts 16:11-15
A Prevailing Christian Hospitality
Rev. Rory Karg
May 19, 2019
Acts 11:1-18
Standing in God's Way?
Rev. Rory Karg
May 12, 2019
Mother's Day
Mothers: God's Precious Ladies
Rev. Dr. Stu Brassie
May 5, 2019
John 21:1-14
Certainty that it is the Lord!
Rev. Rory Karg
April 28, 2019
John 20:19-31
A Foundation on Jesus
Rev. Michael Dobler
April 21, 2019
Easter Sunday
1 Corinthians 15:19-26
Imagine Life without the Resurrection
Rev. Rory Karg
April 14, 2019
Philippians 2:5-11
What Kind of a Lord...?
Rev. Michael Dobler
April 7, 2019
Philippians 3:8-14
Counting Everything As...
Rev. Rory Karg
March 31, 2019
Luke 15:1-3, 11-32
Reckless Love of the Father
Seminarian Justin Cullen
March 24, 2019
Luke 13:6-9
Patience, Please.
Rev. Rory Karg
March 17, 2019
Jeremiah 26:8-15
The Siren of the Cross
Rev. Michael Dobler
March 10, 2019
Luke 4:1-13
The Human Race on Trial
Rev. Dr. Stu Brassie
March 3, 2019
The Transfiguration of our Lord
Luke 9:28-36
A Ministry of Hope-Faithful to the End
Creed follows sermon
Rev. Michael Dobler
Choir Anthem: God Made Manifest
February 24, 2019
St. Matthias, Apostle
Acts 1:15-26
Witness to the Resurrection
Rev. Rory Karg

February 17, 2019
1 Corinthians 15:12-20
Rev. Dr. Stuart Brassie
February 10, 2019
Luke 5:1-11
The Power of God's Word
Rev. Michael Dobler
February 3, 2019
1 Corinthians 13:4-8a
Love is...
Rev. Rory Karg
January 27, 2019
Nehemiah 8:13, 56, 810
God's Re-centering
Rev. Michael Dobler
January 20, 2019
1 Corinthians 12:1-11
Epiphany: Unwrapping the Gift of Christmas
Rev. Rory Karg

January 13, 2019
Baptism of our Lord
Isaiah 43:4
Precious In His Eyes
Rev. Michael Dobler
January 6, 2018
John 2:1-11
If These Jars Could Talk
Rev. Michael Salemink, Exec. Director Lutheran for Life

December 31, 2018
New Year's Eve/Name of Jesus
Luke 2:21
Jesus: A Name that Saves!
Rev. Rory Karg

December 30, 2018
Colossians 3:12-17
Wearing Barrels
Rev. Rory Karg
Christmas Day 2018
Luke 2:7
Swaddled in God's Love
Rev. Michael Dobler
December 23, 2018
Luke 1:39-45
Advent Faith
Rev. Rory Karg
Advent Midweek 3
December 19, 2018
Luke 1:26-38
Focus on the Message
Seminarian Justin Cullen
Advent Midweek 3
December 19, 2018
Luke 1:26-38
Focus on the Message
Seminarian Justin Cullen

December 16, 2018
Philippians 4:4-7
Rejoice Always?
Rev. Michael Dobler
Advent Midweek 2
December 12, 2018
Isaiah 40:3
Preparing the Way for the Lord
Rev. Michael Dobler

December 9, 2018
Malachi 3:1-7b
Playing Innocent
Rev. Rory Karg
Advent Midweek 1
December 5, 2018
Isaiah 64:1-9
Advent. The Milk Inspector and the Coming King
Rev. Rory Karg

December 2, 2018
1 Thessalonians 3:9-13
Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
Rev. Michael Dobler

Last Sunday of the Church Year
November 25, 2018
Mark 13:24-37
And, While We Wait...
Rev. Rory Karg

Thanksgiving Day 2018
Psalm 107:1-2
Let the Redeemed Give Thanks
Rev. Rory Karg
November 18, 2018
Hebrews 10:11-25
Jesus Changes Everything
Nicene Creed follows message
Rev. Michael Dobler

November 11, 2018
Mark 12:38-44
Such A Small Amount
Rev. David Andrus
November 4, 2018
All Saints' Day
Matthew 5:1-2/Revelation 7:9-17
A Tale of Two Crowds
Rev. Rory Karg

October 28, 2018
Reformation Sunday
Romans 3:19-28
God Always Speaks a Better Word
Rev. Michael Dobler
October 21, 2018
Mark 10:23-31
The Kingdom of God and Our Stuff
Offertory follows message
Rev. Rory Karg
October 14, 2018
Mark 10:17-22
Jesus' Look of Love
Te Deum follows message
Rev. Michael Dobler
October 12, 2018
Lutherans For Life National Conference
From Age to Age the Same
Opening Worship-Sermon
Rev. Michael Salemink
Executive Director Lutherans for Life

October 7, 2018
Mark 10:13-16
The Church without Children? Never!
Offertory follows
Rev. Rory Karg
September 30, 2018
Mark 9:38-50
Whose Side are You On?
Nicene Creed follows
Rev. Michael Dobler

September 23, 2018
James 4:4-6
God's Greater Grace for an Adulterous People
Rev. Rory Karg
Mark 9:14-29
"Belief and Unbelief, the Tension Within"
Rev. Rory Karg
September 9, 2018
Isaiah 35:4-7a
Be Strong! Fear Not.
Rev. Michael Dobler
September 2, 2018
Mark 7:14-23
From the Heart Comes...
Rev. Rory Karg
August 26, 2018
Mark 7:1-13
Jesus is Lord, Even in the Kitchen
Rev. Timothy McNutt
August 19, 2018
Ephesians 5:6-21
Don't Look Back!
Nicene Creed follows sermon
Rev. Michael Dobler
August 12, 2018
1 King 19:1-8
Giving Up...? God Doesn't!
Te Deum Hymn follows message
Seminarian Justin Cullen

July 29, 2018
Ephesians 3:14-21
A Prayer for the Struggling
Rev. Rory Karg
July 22, 2018
Pastor Shaw's Retirement
Mark 6:34
The Compassionate Shepherd
Rev. Rory Karg
July 15, 2018
Ephesians 1:3-14
A Sublime Sense of Wonder...in Him
Rev. Michael Dobler

July 8, 2018
2 Corinthians 12:1-10
Strength in Weakness: Jesus!
Rev. Rory Karg
July 1, 2018
Lamentations 3:22-23
Mercies New Every Morning
Offertory follows message
Rev. Michael Dobler
The Nativity of John the Baptist
June 24, 2018
Acts 13:24-26
Who Do You Think I Am?
Rev. Rory Karg
Memorial of Rev. William Schmelder
June 23, 2018
2 Timothy 4:2
Preach the Word!
Rev. Rory Karg
June 17, 2018
Mark 4:26-34
What Are Your Expectations of 
God's Word in Your Life?
Rev. Tim McNutt
June 10, 2018
Genesis 3:8-15
Naked. Afraid. Not Abandoned.
Te Deum follows Message
Rev. Rory Karg

June 3, 2018
Mark 2:23-3:6
Rules and Relationships
Pastoral Candidate Chris Heaton
Holy Trinity
May 27, 2018
Isaiah 6:1-8
Holy! Holy! Holy!
Rev. Michael Dobler

May 20. 2018
John 16:8
Wait! The Holy Spirit Comes To Do What?
Offertory follows message
Rev. Rory Karg

May 13, 2018
John 17:11-19
Jesus' Prayer for You
Offertory follows message
Rev. Michael Dobler

The Ascension of our Lord (2018)
Luke 24:50-53
The Blessing of Scarred Hands
From the morning service with our school kids
Rev. Rory Karg

May 6, 2018
John 15:9-17
God's Demands and Jesus' Answer
Nicene Creed follows message
Rev. Timothy McNutt
April 29, 2018
John 15:1-8
Connected to the Source of Life
Nicene Creed follows message
Rev. Rory Karg
April 22, 2018
Confirmation Day
Acts 4:1-12
What's in a Name?
Rev. Michael Dobler
April 15, 2018
Acts 3:11-21
Attention! Here Comes the Word of God!
Nicene Creed follows sermon
Rev. Rory Karg

April 8, 2018
John 20:19-31
"Peace, Forgiveness, Reconciliation..."
Apostles' Creed follows sermon
Rev. Rory Karg
The Resurrection of our Lord
April 1, 2018
Mark 16:1-8
No Fools on Easter
Rev. Michael Dobler

Good Friday Midday Service 
(25 minutes)
March 30, 2018
How Do You See the 
Cross of Christ?
Rev. Tim McNutt, guest preacher

Maundy Thursday
March 29, 2018
Mark 14:24a
Blood! Poured Out for Many
Rev. Rory Karg
Palm Sunday
March 25, 2018
Philippians 2:5-11
How Low Will Jesus Go? 
Rev. Rory Karg
Palm Sunday
March 25, 2018
Philippians 2:5-11
How Low Will Jesus Go?
Rev. Rory Karg

Ash Wednesday Joel 2:12-19 "Return to the Lord, Who is Gracious" (God is Out to Get You Back)  Rev. Rory Karg
Midweek 2 Isaiah 44:21-28 "Remember These Things for He Has Redeemed You"    Seminarian Chris Heaton
Midweek 3 Jeremiah 15:19-21 "Return to the Lord and Be Restored"  Rev. Rory Karg
Midweek 4 Hosea 6:1-6 "Return to the Lord, Who Will Raise You Up"  Seminarian Brady Retzlaff
Midweek 5 Micah 3:6-12 "Return to the Lord, Who Does Not Change"   Rev. Rory Karg
Midweek 6 Amos 4:6-13 "Return to the Lord; Who Does Not Tire of Calling You" Rev. Michael Dobler
March 18, 2018
Jeremiah 31:31-34
May You Know the Lord
Rev. Michael Dobler

March 11, 2018
Numbers 21:4-9 w/ John 3:14-16
Raised Up that the Dying Might Live
Rev. Rory Karg

March 4, 2018
John 2:13-22
Zeal for the House of the LORD
Rev. Michael Dobler
February 25, 2018
Romans 5:1-11
Loving You To Death
Te Deum follows sermon
Rev. Rory Karg

February 18, 2018
Genesis 22:1-18
Offering Up a Son
Rev. Michael Dobler

The Transfiguration 
of Our Lord
Mark 9:2-9
Through the Eyes of Peter
Rev. Rory Karg
1 Corinthians 9:16-27
Only One Paul...Only One You
Rev. Michael Dobler

1 Corinthians 8:1-3
Love Builds Up!
Epistle reading precedes Sermon
Rev. Rory Karg
Sanctity of Life Sunday
1 Peter 3:15
Hope for Life
Rev. Michael Salemink
Exec. Dir. Lutherans for Life
1 Peter 3:15
Hope When...
Rev. Rory Karg

Baptism of Jesus
Mark 1:4-11
What is the Holy Spirit Doing?
Te Deum follows message
Rev. Michael Dobler

Isaiah 60:1-6
They Shall Bring Good News!
Nicene Creed follows message
Rev. Michael Dobler

New Year's Eve 2017/Name of Jesus
Numbers 6:22-27
A Name That Blesses
Rev. Rory Karg

December 31, 2017
Luke 2:22-40
Seeing Jesus. Seeing Salvation.
Rev. Rory Karg
Christmas Day 2017
Isaiah 52:7-10
Beautiful Feet of the Messengers
Sung Confession follows Sermon
Rev. Michael Dobler
December 24, 2017
Luke 1:26-38
An Advent Investigation
Rev. Rory Karg
December 17, 2017
Isaiah 61:1-4, 8-11
Advent Vengeance and Favor
Rev. Rory Karg
December 10, 2017
Mark 1:1-8
Prepare the Way!
Hymn follows sermon: On Jordan's Bank the Baptist's Cry
Rev. Michael Dobler
Listen to Advent Sermons Here: 
Advent 2017: Behold He Comes...

Luke 4:14-21
Collect of the Day follows sermon
Seminarian Chris Heaton

Hebrews 7:26-27
Apostles' Creed follows sermon
Rev. Rory Karg

John 18:33-37
Collect of the Day follows sermon
Seminarian Andrew Hatesohl
December 3, 2017
Isaiah 64:1-9
Rend the Heavens
Offertory follows sermon
Rev. Rory Karg
November 26, 2017
Matthew 25:31-46
What Sort of Person Ought You to Be?
Seminarian Chris Heaton
November 19, 2017
KFUO Sunday
Hosea 10:12
Time to Seek the Lord.
Nicene Creed follows sermon
Rev. Mark Hawkinson
November 12, 2017
Matthew 25:1-13
Waiting for the Bridegroom
Te Deum follows sermon
Seminarian Andrew Hatesohl

November 5, 2017
1 John 3:1-3
Lavish Love for God's Children
Nicene Creed follows sermon
Rev. Michael Dobler

Hymn of the Day: For All the Saints
October 29, 2017
John 8:31-36
The Truth and True Freedom
Rev. Rory Karg
October 8, 2017
Matthew 21:33-46
Poking the Bear
Rev. Rory Karg
October 1, 2017
Philippians 1:27 & 2:1-4, 14-18
Struggling Together for the Sake of the Gospel
Rev. Rory Karg
September 17, 2017
Matthew 18:21-35
By Grace the Forgiven Forgive
Offertory follows sermon
Rev. Rory Karg
September 3, 2017
Jeremiah 15:15-21
God Has the Last Word
Rev. Rory Karg
August 27, 2017
Isaiah 51:1-6
The Forgiven Reassured
Rev. Rory Karg
August 20, 2017
Matthew 15:21-28
Savoring the Crumbs
Rev. Michael Dobler
August 13, 2017
Job 38:4-18
Job's Omni Experience
Te Deum follows sermon
Rev. Rory Karg
July 30, 2017
Romans 8:31-32
God Is For Us!
Nicene Creed follows sermon
Rev. Rory Karg
July 23, 2017
Isaiah 44:6-8
Habits for Radicals
Vicar Chris Heaton
July 16, 2017
Isaiah 55:10-11
God's Word Goes Out With Purpose
Nicene Creed follows sermon
Rev. Rory Karg
July 9, 2017
Matthew 11:25-30
Know Christ, Know Rest; No Christ, No Rest
Vicar Chris Heaton
July 2, 2017
Matthew 10:34-39
With Jesus, Peace is Out; Conflict is In!
Nicene Creed follows Sermon
Rev. Rory Karg

June 25. 2017
Presentation of the Augsburg Confession
Matthew 10:26-33
Rev. Michael Dobler
June 18, 2017
Romans 5:6-15
God Didn't Draw a Line...He Drew Two!
Rev. Rory Karg
The Festival of the Holy Trinity
June 11, 2017
Acts 2:22-36
What's Wrong with the World...
Vicar Chris Heaton
June 4, 2017
John 7:37-39
In Christ, Never Thirst Again
Rev. Rory Karg
The Ascension of Our Lord
May 25, 2017
Acts 1:1-11
In the Flesh
Vicar Chris Heaton
May 21, 2017
1 Peter 3:13-22
Baptism Doth Now Save Us
Rev. Rory Karg
May 7,2017
Psalm 23
He's Got This
Vicar Chris Heaton
April 30, 2017
1 Peter 1:17-21
Baptized. Confirmed. Exiled?
Nicene Creed follows sermon
Rev. Rory Karg
April 23,2017
Confirmation Sunday
John 20:19-31
Peace for the Desperate
Rev. Michael Dobler
Easter Sunday 2017
Colossians 3:1-4
Alleluia...You Have Been Baptized?
Rev. Rory Karg
April 9,2017
John 12:12-43
A Certain Kind of Glory for a Certain Kind of King
Vicar Chris Heaton
Lenten Midweek Services
"Miracles of Lent"
Ash Wednesday "The Gift of Lent"       Rev. Michael Dobler
2 Cor. 5:20b-6:10

Midweek Lent II "The Miraculous Tearing   Rev. Rory Karg
  of the Temple Curtain"
Matthew 27:51a

MIdweek Lent III    "The Miraculous Earthquake"  Seminarian Zach Klatt
    Matthew 27:51b

Midweek Lent IV    "The Miraculous Splitting of the Rocks"  
                                            Vicar Chris Heaton  Matthew 27:51c

Midweek Lent V     "The Miraculous Raising of the Saints from Death"                                              Rev. Michael Dobler    Matthew 27:52, 53

Midweek Lent VI     "The Miraculous Faith of the Roman Centurion"
     Seminarian Mark Duerr   Matthew 27:54
April 2, 2017
John 11:25-26
Death Stinks!
Rev. Rory Karg

March 26, 2017
Isaiah 42:16
Light for Those in Darkness
Rev. Rory Karg

March 19, 2017
Romans 5:1-11
A Hard Fought, Hard Won Peace
Vicar Chris Heaton

March 5, 2017
Romans 5:12-19
Adam's Disobedience/Christ's Obedience
Rev. Rory Karg
February 26, 2017
Matthew 17:1-9
Can You Hear Me Now?
Vicar Chris Heaton
February 19, 2017
Leviticus 19:1-2, 9-18
Sinners Made Holy
Rev. Rory Karg
February 5,2017
Matthew 5:13-16
The Identity of Salt
Vicar Chris Heaton
January 29, 2017
Micah 6:1-8
On Trial
Rev. Rory Karg

The Baptism of Our Lord Observed
Psalm 29:3
A Voice Over the Waters
Rev. Rory Karg
The Epiphany of Our Lord Observed
Matthew 2:1-12
Not Fully Informed
Vicar Chris Heaton
New Year's Day
Circumcision and Name of Jesus
Galatians 3:23-29
From Prison to Promise
Nicene Creed follows message.
Rev. Rory Karg
Christmas Day 2016
Isaiah 9:2,6
"For You!"
Rev. Rory Karg
Matthew 1:18-25
A Bold Hope and a Daring Dream
Rev. Michael Dobler
Matthew 11:2-15
Through the Bars
Vicar Chris Heaton
 Advent  Midweek Worship
"The Songs of Advent"
November 30  2016 Pastor Michael Dobler Zachariah's Song: Amazing Gift Luke 1:67-79
December 7    2016 Seminarian Mark Duerr Mary's Song: Amazing Love Luke 1:39-56
December 14  2016 Seminarian Zach Klatt Simeon's Song: Amazing Peace Luke 2:25-35
December 21  2016 Vicar Chris Heaton The Angel's Song: Amazing Glory Luke 2:8-15
Matthew 3:1-12
Repentance and the Reign
Rev. Rory Karg
Isaiah 2:1-5
Where We Watch and Wait
Rev. Rory Karg

Matthew 6:24-34
How Much Is Enough?
Vicar Chris Heaton
Luke 23:27-43
The Concealed Revealed
Nicene Creed follows Sermon
Rev. Michael Dobler
2nd Thessalonians 3:6-13
Holy Busyness Living in the End Times
Vicar Chris Heaton
Revelation 7:9-17
Salvation Belongs...to the Lamb!
Nicene Creed follows sermon
Rev. Rory Karg
Romans 3:19-28
The Free Decree
Rev. Michael Dobler
Luke 18:9-17
For Sinners Only
Apostle Creed follows sermon
Vicar Chris Heaton

Luke 18:1-8
Faith and Prayer
Rev. Rory Karg
The Complainer
Vicar Chris Heaton
Matthew 28:16-20
The Same Last Name
Te Deum follows sermon
Missionary David Bush
Deaf Ministry, Macau, China
Luke 16:1-15
Offense Beyond Measure
Nicene Creed follows sermon
Rev. Michael Dobler
1 Timothy 1:12-17
His Story is Our Story
Vicar Chris Heaton
Philemon 1-21
Sent Back...Sent with His Very Heart
Nicene Creed follows sermon
Rev. Rory Karg

Hebrews 13:17
Pastors and People
Te Deum follows sermon
Rev. Bill Schmelder
Luke 13:22-30
The Question Behind the Question
Vicar Chris Heaton
Luke 12:49-53
Dividing Lines
Rev. Rory Karg
Luke 12:22-34
A King Greater than Solomon...
Rev. Michael Dobler
Colossians 3:1-11
Vicar Chris Heaton
Colossians 2:6-15
Nailed It!
Seminarian Zachary Klatt
Colossians 1:19-29
Once Upon A Time...Now! 
Rev. Rory Karg
Luke 10:25-37
Who is My Neighbor?
Vicar Chris Heaton
Luke 10:1-20
The Sent One...The Sending One
Rev. Michael Dobler
June 26, 2016
1 Kings 19:9-21
The Lord Comes in...a Whisper.
Rev. Rory Karg
Luke 8:26-39
What to Me and to You?
Vicar Chris Heaton
Galatians 1:11-24
Bad, Bad Saul...and the Cross
Rev. Rory Karg
Luke 7:1-10
Are You Worthy?
Rev. Tom Baker
Sunday of the Holy Trinity
Proverbs 8:1-4, 22-31
God-Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Rev. Rory Karg 
The Day of Pentecost
John 14:26
The Promised Spirit 
has been Sent!
Rev. Rory Karg
Revelation 22:12
Because You Obey?
Rev. Tom Baker
Ascension Day
Ephesians 1:15-23
Full Circle for You
Rev. Rory Karg
John 16:23-33
You Will Have Trouble
Rev. Rory Karg
John 16:12-15
The Spirit of Truth
Rev. Rory Karg
 Acts 20:17–35 & John 10:22–30
The Voice of the Shepherd
Nicene Creed follows sermon.
Rev. David Andrus
John 21:17
Do You Love Me?
Rev. Tom Baker
Apostles' Creed follows sermon
Acts 5:17-20
All the Words of this Life
Rev. Rory Karg
The Resurrection of Our Lord
Luke 24:1-12
The Cross...The Empty Tomb...
and You Forgiven!
Rev. Rory Karg
Good Friday Mid-Day
Isaiah 53:1-6
The Suffering Servant...
His Name is Jesus!
Rev. Randall Golter
Maundy Thursday
Jeremiah 31:31-34
Old Covenant...New Covenant
Rev. Rory Karg
Palm Sunday
John 12:9-43
Rev. Tom Baker

Lenten Midweek Sermons 
"The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ Drawn from the Four Gospels"
Ash Wednesday Joel 2:12-19 Rev. Rory Karg

Midweek 2 "The Lord's Supper" Rev. David Andrus
 Luke 22:14-38

Midweek 3 "Gethsemane" Rev. David Boisclair
Luke 22:39-53

Midweek 4 "Palace of the Seminarian John Genszler
High Priest"
Luke 22:54-62

Midweek 5 "The Praetorium" Rev. Tom Baker
Luke 23:1-25

Midweek 6 "Calvary" Rev. Michael Salemink
Luke 23:26-56
Luke 15:18-19
No Longer Worthy
Rev. Tom Baker
Jeremiah 26:8-15
The Truth Hurts...
Rev. Rory Karg
Ash Wednesday 
Joel 2:12-19
A Look in the Mirror
Rev. Rory Karg
1 Corinthians 12:31b-13:13
Love is...?
Seminarian John Genszler
John 2:11
Here's Your Sign!
Rev. Rory Karg
Ephesians 3:1-6
Mystery Revealed
Rev. Rory Karg
Luke 2:28-32
Rev. Rory Karg
Hebrews 10:9
Rev. Tom Baker

Luke 7:18-28
Another Messiah?
Rev. Rory Karg
Luke 3:1-14
   God Loves
Dumpster Diving
Rev. Michael Salemink
Luke 19:28-40
If These Don't...
  The Stones Will!
Rev. Rory Karg
Mark 13:24-37
Are You Ready?
Seminarian John Genszler

Apostles' Creed follows Sermon
Mark 12:44
Rev. Tom Baker

Congregational singing of the Te Deum follows sermon
Reformation Sunday
John 8:31-36
Free Indeed!
Rev. David Andrus
Mark 10:21
Eternal Life? Only with Jesus
Rev. Tom Baker
Hebrews 2:9
"Tasting Death... for You"
Rev. Rory Karg
James 2:1
"Justified By Faith or By Works?"
Rev. Tom Baker
Ephesians 6:10-20
"Baptism: The Armory of God"
Rev. Rory Karg
Ephesians 4:17-5:2
"Be Who You Are in Christ"
Rev. Rory Karg
Mark 6:45-56
The "I" in the Storm
Rev. RoryKarg
Psalm 85:8-9
"Things We Don't Want to Hear"
Rev. Rory Karg
Mark 25:21-43
"Are You Healed or Are You Saved?"
Rev. Tom Baker
2 Corinthians 5:5
"Created for Something More!"
Rev. Rory Karg
Pentecost 2015
John 15:26-27;16:4b-15
"Does Pentecost Make a Difference?"
Rev. Tom Baker
Ascension 2015
Luke 24:44-53
"God Goes Ahead"
Rev. David Andrus
Luke 20:9-20
Stones and Sent Ones
includes Te Deum
Rev. Rory Karg
Luke 4:1
A Lesson from the Temptations?
Rev. Tom Baker

Luke 4:16-30
A Hometown Boy...
       Not Well Received
Rev. Rory Karg
Luke 1:67-79
What will this 
Baby be?
Rev. Rory Karg

Morning Advent Mid-Week with School Children

Advent Mid-Week
December 2, 2015

Isaiah 40:1-2
A Double Portion...of What?
Rev. Tom Baker
Hebrews 10:19-25
Confidence by the Blood
Rev. Rory Karg

Nicene Creed follows sermon
Luke 10:1-9
St. Luke...Gospel Writer
Rev. Rory Karg
John 6:22-35
"Bread and Roses"
Rev. David Andrus
Ezekiel 2:1-5
"We Have Seen the Rebels...and They Are Us"
Rev. Rory Karg
Mark 3:30
"Jesus-Crazy for You!"
Rev. Tom Baker
1 John 5:1-8
"Who are the Overcomers?"
Rev. Rory Karg
John 15:1-8
"Jesus: The True Vine"
Rev. Rory Karg
Acts 4:32-35
"Great Power, Great Grace"
Rev. William Schmelder
Easter Sunday
1 Corinthians 15:1-2
"Why You Shouldn't Worship at Easter...Only!"
Rev. Rory Karg
John 3:14-21
"Impossible Faith"
Rev. Tom Baker
Luke 24
"The Heart of the Matter"
Rev. Andrus


Matthew 28:5-6a

"As He Said"

Rev. Karg


Matthew 26:27-28

"Maundy, Remember, Covenant"

Rev. Baker


Matthew 26:69-75

"Lilies that Fester"

Sem. Bender

1 Corinthians 10:1-13
      God is Faithful!
Rev. Rory Karg
Transfiguration Sunday
Luke 9:28
Have You Been to the Mount...?
Rev. Tom Baker

Baptism of our Lord
Luke 3:21
Jesus, A Sinner?
Rev. Tom Baker
Christmas Day 2015
John 1:1-14
The Word Became Flesh
Rev. Rory Karg
Advent Mid-Week
December 9, 2015

Isaiah 40:3-5
Hills, Valleys and 
   God's Perspective
Seminarian John Genszler
Thanksgiving 2015
Luke 17:11-19
Don't Use These Verses
Seminarian Joseph Hanson
All Saints Day
Rev. 7:9-17
The Lamb... Trading Places
Rev. Rory Karg
Mark 9:38-50
"What Would You Cut Off?"
Rev. Rory Karg
Ephesians 5:22-33
"The Broken Wedding Cross" or "No Matter What the Cross Remains"
Rev. Rory Karg
Ephesians 2:11-22
"Setting Aside the Commandments?"
Rev. Tom Baker
Mark 4:35-41
"Jesus is in Our Boat!"
Rev. David Andrus
1 John 5:9-15
"The Testimony of God is Greater"
Rev. Rory Karg
John 10:11-18
"They Will Listen to My Voice"
Rev. Rory Karg
1 John 3:6
"Do You Keep on Sinning?"
Rev. Tom Baker
John 12:12-19
"On Bended Knee"
Rev. David Andrus
Mark 10:25-35
"Are We Able?"
Rev. Rory Karg
John 20:27b, 30-31
"Believe That You May Live"
Rev. Karg




Philippians 2:5-11
"A Christ-like Mind"
Rev. Schmelder


Ezekiel 37:1-14

"Dry Bones, Live!"

Rev. Karg


Exodus 17:1-7

"Sinners: Located and Identified with New Names"

Rev. Karg

Sermon Archive


Date            Text                         Title                                                    Preacher

7/27/2014   Duet. 7:6-9             "Highs and Lows"  Rev. Karg

7/20/2014  Matthew 13:24-30     "Life Together"                                     Rev. Andrus

7/13/2014   Isaiah 55:11                 "God's Word Accomplishes             Rev. Schmelder

       His Purpose"

6/29/2014   Acts 15:1-12               "The Grace of God Trumps   Rev. Karg

     the Law"

3/16/2014   John 3:17                    "Why Jesus?"                                      Rev. Schmelder

3/12/2014   Matthew 26:47-56     "The Crucified King Betrayed"         Rev. Karg

3/5/2014      Matthew 6:19-21    "Heavenly Treasures for                   Rev. Karg

       Your Heart"

3/1/2014      Matthew 17:1-9          "This is My Beloved Son  Rev. Karg

      Listen to Him"

2/23/2014    Leviticus 19:1-2,      "Leftovers"                                          Rev. Keener


2/16/2014    Matthew 5:24b     "First Things First" Rev. Schmelder

2/2/2014      Hebrews 2:14-15     "Impossible Mission Accomplished"   Rev. Karg

1/26/2014    Isaiah 9:1                 "Galilee, Gentile, Glorious"                  Rev. Schmelder

1/19/2014    John 1:29-41            "Come and See!"                                 Rev. Prince

1/12/2014    Isaiah 42:1-9            "Jesus-Ready to Rumble!"                  Rev. Karg

1/4/2014      Ephesians 3:1-12     "Spoiler Alert"                                     Rev. Keener

12/31/2013  Galatians 3:23-29    "All Things New"                                 Rev. Boisclair

12/29/2013  Matthew 2:13-15,    "The Harsh Reality of Celebrating       Rev. Schmelder

                    19-23                        Christmas"

12/25/2013  Luke 2:1-20              "Jesus-God's Gift for You"                 Rev. Karg

                    John 1:1-14

12/22/2013  Matthew 1:18-25      "Giving God the mess in Christmas"   Sem. Bender

12/18/2013  2 Samuel 7:6            "God Dwells With Us"                         Sem. Demski

12/15/2013  Isaiah 35:10              "Everlasting Joy"                                Rev. Schmelder 

12/14/2013  Acts 8:26-31, 35      "Eager for the Gospel"                        Rev. Trump 

12/11/2013  Romans 15:4-13       "You All Look the Same. NOT!"           Rev. Keener

12/8/2013    Romans 15:4-13      "Hope for the Hopeless"                      Rev. Karg

12/4/2013    Isaiah 64:1-9            "God Tears Heaven Open for Us"       Rev. Bosclair

12/1/2013    Isaiah 2:1-5               "Come, Let Us Walk in the Light          Rev. Schmelder

                                                       of the Lord"

11/28/2013  Philippians 4:6-20     "Don't be anxious about anything!       Rev. Karg


11/24/2013  Malachi 3:13-18       "Harsh Words of Children; A                Rev. Karg

                                                      Father's Living Response"

11/17/2013  Luke 21:5-28            "Things Can Change in a Hurry"          Rev. Rueckert

11/10/2013  1 Chron. 29:14-18    "Stewardship: A Conversation           Rev. Karg

                                                      about Ownership"

11/3/2013    Revelation 7:17        "The Lamb is Their Shepherd"            Rev. Schmelder

10/27/2013  Psalm 46:1               "Our Weakness Ends in His"               Rev. Rueckert

10/20/2013  1 Timothy 3:14-15    "But as for you, continue..."                Rev. Karg

10/13/2013  Luke 17:11-19          "Giving Thanks for Giving Faith"         Rev. Rueckert

10/6/2013   Habakkuk 2:4           "Justified Through Faith"                      Rev. Schmelder 

9/29/2013   Luke 10:18               "Satan: Conquered by the Blood          Rev. Karg

                                                     of the Lamb"

9/22/2013   Luke 16:1-15            "Perpetual Mercy"                                Rev. Rueckert

9/15/2013   1 Timothy 1:15          "Jesus Sinners Doth Receive"            Rev. Schmelder

9/8/2013     Deut. 30:15-20         "Life, Chosen for You!"                       Rev. Karg

9/1/2013     Luke 14:1-11           "Watching Him Carefully"                     Rev. Rueckert

8/25/2013   Hebrews 12:18-24   "Sinai or Zion?"                                   Rev. Karg

8/18/2013   Luke 12:49-50          "Fire and Baptism"                               Rev. Rueckert

8/11/2013   Hebrews 11:13        "Strangers and Exiles of His"              Rev. Rueckert

8/4/2013     Luke 12:21               "Rich"                                                   Rev. Schmelder

7/28/2013   Luke 11:1                 "Lord, Teach Us to Pray"                     Rev. Karg

7/21/2013   Luke 10:41-42          "Come, Lord Jesus, Be Our Guest"     Rev. Karg

7/14/2013   Luke 10:36               "Whose Neighbor Am I?"                     Rev. Schmelder 

7/7/2013     Luke 10:20               "We've Got it in Writing"                       Rev. Rueckert

6/30/2013   Luke 9:62                 "Facing Forward - Facing Christ"        Rev. Rueckert

6/23/2013    Mark 8:38-39           "Telling How Much Jesus Has Done    Rev. Karg 

                                                      for You!"

6/16/2013    Galatians 3:14-15    "Christ-A Curse; For Us-A Blessing"  Rev. Schmelder

6/9/2013     1 Kings 17:24           "Problem Solved"                                 Rev. Rueckert

6/2/2013      Galatians 1:6-9        "No Other Gospel"                               Rev. Karg

5/26/2013    Matthew 28:19         "The Name Is the Blueprint"                Rev. Rueckert

5/19/2013    Psalm 143                "This Psalm for Pentecost?"                Rev. Karg

5/12/2013    John 17:24               "To Be With Jesus"                             Rev. Schmelder

5/9/2013      Luke 24:44-53         "Power from on High"                          Rev. Karg

5/5/2013      Acts 16:9-15            "The Secret's Out"                              Rev. Rueckert

4/21/2013    John 10:11                "The Risen Christ - The Good Shepherd"  Rev. Schmelder

4/14/2013    Rev. 5:1-7                 "Weep No More"                                 Rev. Rueckert

4/7/2013      Rev. 1:17b-18           "The Risen Lord"                                Rev. Schmelder

3/31/2013    Luke 24:5-6              "He Is Risen!"                                      Rev. Rueckert

3/29/2013                                     "Tennebrae"                                        Rev. Rueckert/Karg

3/29/2013    John 19:5                  "Behold the Man!"                                Rev. Rutherford

3/28/2013    Jeremiah 31:31-34     "Deliverance in a Supper"                  Rev. Karg

3/24/2013    John 12:28                "Father, Glorify Your Name!"               Rev. Rueckert

3/20/2013    Daniel 3                     "Deliverance in Trials"                         Rev. Karg

3/17/2013    Isaiah 43:21               "Formed for Praise"                            Rev. Schmelder 

3/13/2013    Jonah 2                      "Deliverance in Dying"                        Rev. Rueckert

3/10/2013    2 Cor. 5:16-17           "New Creation Eyes"                          Rev. Rueckert

3/6/2013      Exodus 14:13-14       "Deliverance from Enemies"               Rev. Karg    

3/3/2013      Luke 13:1-9               "Perishing called to Repentance"        Rev. Karg

2/24/2013    Philippians 3:17-4:1   "Stand Firm Thus"                               Rev. Rueckert

2/20/2013    Genesis 7,8, & 9        "Deliverance Through Water"            Rev. Karg

2/17/2013    Romans 10:9-10        "Speak Strong"                                   Rev. Karg

2/10/2013    Luke 9:35                   "Listen"                                               Rev. Schmelder

2/3/2013      1 Corithians 13:1-7     "A More Excellent Way"                    Rev. Rueckert

1/20/2013    Romans 10:14-17      "Sharing the Good News"                  Rev. Shaw    

1/13/2013    Romans 6:1-11          "Baptized into His Death"                    Rev. Karg