The hymn writer penned the words quite nicely when he wrote, “All that we have is Thine alone, a trust, O Lord, from Thee.” These words remind us that all that we might think is ours really belongs to God alone and we are but His stewards, daily managers of His gifts.

As stewards we graciously acknowledge that God our Father has richly and daily given us all that we need for physical life; as stewards, we graciously acknowledge that God the Son gave us everything when he gave his very life upon the cross, that we might have the sure and certain hope to eternal life in Him.

As stewards, we graciously acknowledge that the faith we have and the life we live is only by the power of God the Holy Spirit and our very life is one of response to all that God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) has done and continues to do for us.

By God’s grace, our gifts and offerings returned to the Lord are a part of our thankful response for everything we have been given both physically and spiritually.

At Immanuel Lutheran (Church, Day School, Light of Christ Chinese Ministry) we have a variety of ways that we can share our tax-deductible gifts and offerings.

  • You can give by cash or check. Regular members are assigned an offering number and given a set of offering envelopes for the year. Guest, please feel free to use the offering envelope provided in the book rack on the bench.
  • You can give one-time or recurring gifts online when you visit our "Give Plus Church" page.
  • You can set up automated giving from your checking account or saving account or credit/debit card by filling out a “Simply Giving” form and returning it to the church office.
  • You can use our GIVE+Mobile options